Welcome to the Grazed & Infused Store. Let us talk you through the ordering process first!


We present all of our online orders in our recyclable boxes, which can presented with disposable napkins (and environmentally friendly) cutlery. They're perfect for picnics, corporate, parties and fuss-free events. We no longer offer orders to be presented on a wooden board due to dietary requirements and other potential risks. 


If you have any dietary requirements, please take care when ordering. Our boxes can be made either entirely gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free. Please keep in mind that we can never guarantee 100% gluten exclusion, due to the potential presence of gluten particles in the kitchen. We do ensure that we commit to safe food preparation. If you are ordering for a group, and only one person has dietary requirements, we will make the order entirely to cater for that particular dietary requirement.


As a guide, we allow 100 gms of cheese and 100 gms of meat per person. This is considered as an abundant grazing serve. Our medium grazes have 700 grams of meat, and 700 grams of cheese. Our large grazes have a kilo of meat and a kilo of cheese.


Our delivery times are Monday - Friday | 11AM - 5PM and Saturday | 10AM - 12PM.

We deliver anywhere within 10 km's of the Bendigo Hospital Precinct.
A charge of $10.00 applies. If you require delivery outside this zone, further fees apply.

Please keep in mind that regardless of the option, all clean boards and accessories must be returned to our address within a 48 hour time frame post-event. Our address is provided once your order is submitted. Thank you.



We provide our clients with a food inclusion card that lists what foods are included on their order.
Once your order leaves our possession, it is considered "at room temperature" regardless of how it is stored post-delivery. Along with the inclusion details, you will be provided with the safe-consumption four-hour time frame. Any food consumed past this time is at the risk of the consumer.

www.grazedandinfused.com.au / M: 0421 677 805 / E: grazedandinfused@gmail.com / Located in Bendigo, Victoria.